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Our most important post for long sleeve fishing apparel

We are the best in the industry when it comes to fishing apparel. We provide a high quality product to wear everyday when you are out fishing on the water. We supply shirts to people who do inshore fishing, offshore fishing, and fly fishing. Our specialties are creating high quality designs and combing them with the best quality fishing shirt possible. We use special fabrics to create a light weight and functional end product. We all know that fishing is our main passion, especially peacock bass in my particular situation. Sometimes spillway fishing is my interest as well.

Anyways, back to our mens fishing apparel. When we are saltwater fishing here in florida, we are always sweating our butt off due to the extreme heat of the sun. Our fabric utilizes a special pure tech technology. It wicks off the sweat from you skin when its super hot out. This keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable as well. The later part is often overlooked. Being comfortable when fishing can make or break your day. Don’t let it sneak past you.

When comparing to women's fishing shirts, mens fishing shirts usually take a more serious beating. They need to be well crafted to last years of fishing and abuse. We also treat them wish a special substance to help prevent any bacteria from growing within the fabric. This can happen easily when handling bait or filleting a fish. I had a thresher shark whip me with its tail right in the chest and it didn't even leave a mark on our fishing apparel. It most certainly stood up to the test if you ask me.

We frequently run promotions on our mens fishing shirts by offering discounts and sometimes giving away a free fishing buff with everyone you order. That is usually our customers favorite. What we ask of our readers is to help support a small locally owned brand and give us the chance we deserve against the likes of guy harvey, aftco, salt life, etc. We love to fish just as much as you and we promise we will bring that passion into every product we create no matter what. All of our recent feedback from our customers has been very positive. This just reinforces that we are making a difference in the industry.

Its also good to remember that our fishing apparel is priced much more competitively than some of the larger companies. On average we charge 10 to 15$ less than the competition.

If you haven't seen our apparel before or worn it, you are late to the chase. We use the highest quality materials without the high prices. All of our shirts are made from polyester/cotton blend. What this does is it helps wick away the sweat from your body while your chasing those trophy fish. The end result is you be cooler and dryer, making you more comfortable while fishing. Because of the nature of these fabrics.

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